Crazy Pace to Legoland and Copenhagen

26 Oct.


Breakfast at the hotel was delectable with assorted cold cuts, cheese, salmon/gravlax, pickled herring, toast, danish, eggs, meatballs, hash browns, fresh fruit and refreshments.


From Malmö we drove across the toll bridge to (20 min) Denmark and headed to Legoland in the middle of Denmark. Around 3 hours later we were at Legoland, Billund, Denmark.


The boys were very excited and we toured the parks attractions. (Travelling late in the fall, not all of the parks amenities were available.) The lego creations are fabulous, some with a vivid sense of humour – like the oversize man made of Lego snoring on a park bench.


The best ride, in all of our minds, was the final one we took called the Power Ride. You program your ride onto a card and it is inserted into a robotic arm, which has seats that you are strapped into. The robot arm ride is the best ride I have ever taken (over in 45- 60 seconds). It flips you back to the ground and face to the ceiling, throws you backwards and upside down- I had the level 6 card programmed by the staff at lego – they say it is the most difficult and adventurous program possible on this ride.


Off to the shops we went and bought a few Lego souvenirs. The park closed at 17:00 and we left with 2 pizzas to eat in the car on the way to Copenhagen.


We arrived late and stayed at the Best Western Mercur in Copenhagen for 2 nights, with free wifi access and were delighted to hear a concert through the walls on the second night of our stay. (Cost 1700Danish Kroner).

Had a very good chinese buffet for dinner. Down the Street from the Hotel.

Stockholm to Malmö and a Great Late Night Dinner

25 Oct. 10


The next day we left Stockholm and headed to Malmö, via rental car. The drive was smooth with a couple of stops. The later day developed rain and we arrived in Malmö around 20:00. We found Hotel Teatern which had reasonable rates (1000 Kroner) and street parking + wifi for the boys (and me).


We ate dinner at a local restaurant, Mrs. Browns, which had a Swedish flair and served nouvelle cuisine style food. I had the daily special for 225 Kroner, Delicious steak with veggies and 3 small potatoes, a delectable sauce and dandelion greens. We also had the roasted thinly sliced beets with mushrooms, a beet sauce with cream and assorted garnish including delectable mushrooms (yellowish) and very tasty. The boys opted for the King crab leg (appetizer at 90 Kroner) with caviar, greens, diced apples with a sauce. (They thought it was a meal until it arrived – at which point they complained- I gave them some of my meal).

Stockholm, Gamle Stan and a Castle. Or is it a Palace?

24 Oct. 10


Next day we woke up early and drove to the downtown area of Gamle Stan (Old Town) to view the sights,… … and the Finnish church and… … …


In the afternoon we visited the Royal Palace/castle.


We viewed the museum within the depths of the castle. The museum houses the history of the royal family and includes costumes, stuffed horses and dogs, a large number of decorative mice all wearing crowns, and the old carriages used by the Royal Family throughout time. These carriages are not to be missed as they are gorgeous to look at, and the craftsmanship is exquisite, with very fine details out of wood.


Don’t forget to look for the mice dressed up as servants.

Adventure to Stockholm, Sweden and Strömming

23 Oct. 2010


Landed at the Skavsta Airport airport, caught a bus for 90 Kroner and 80 minutes later we were at the Stockholm Bus Terminal. Due to the late departure of our flight, we arrived at 03:30. The Bus Terminal was closed and our pick-up was not there. We were all tired and the boys had to go pee. We wandered to the pick up area, and to the opposite end of the Bus Terminal looking for our host and did not see anyone. Crossing the street we tried the Central Train Station and it closed. The boys had to pee. They found a spot. My cell phone with the British sim card did not work at the station.


We approached a taxi and asked if we could borrow his cell phone. We called our host and he gave us a ride to our hosts location. The host had shown up earlier to pick us up, but the flight delay had not shown up on the internet schedule, so they went home.


Finally to bed at 04:30.


Up at 09:00 and time to visit relatives and go for a quick driving tour of Stockholm.

Then off to the Tunnel we went, taking the train/subway/tube to Central Station. We switched trains which took us to the downtown core near a German church. We walked to a shopping district and by the Arts Centre.


Our hosts were surprised to find that the bus to the Vasa, a 400 year old ship that sank intact, was rescued from under the sea and placed in a museum devoted to it, was no longer a bus but a Tram. Off on the Tram to the Vasa. Very, very impressive. The boys snapped many photos and videos of the ship.


After the Vasa we walked in the rain around the island enjoying the cool weather and sights of the closed amusement park.


The last time I had been to Stockholm was over 35 Years ago. What a difference.


We caught a ferry from the island to… We walked into a square and ate a delicious herring dish called Strömming from a Strömming stand in the square…. It is fried herring served on a piece of crisp bread with pickled thinly sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced red onion, and fresh dill. The boys really liked the Strömming, Brendan gobbling it down before the rest of us had finished.


From the Strömming we went to a look out, via elevator, to view Stockholm as the sun was setting. A beautiful view. Exiting out the back way we meandered down narrow cobblestone streets winding our way down hill, where I snapped a picture of parents not allowed to hold hands of children (Someones joke). We ended back in the square below the look out and took the Subway/Tunnel back to our hosts place.

In London, visited the Wheatsheaf Pub

Friday Oct 22, 2010


Again took the train downtown for £12.50 day pass, for an adult and two children, family pass. Went to the clink hostel and met my sister and her son. Bought a ticket, at the hostel for the London Eye – huge ferris wheel like thing. Great view of London and took some great photos.  Then hopped on a double decker towards London Bridge, got off at the Hop Exchange…address… Visited The Wheatsheaf Pub, had a pint, while the boys played darts. A beautiful pub in an old underground cellar with vaulted ceiling, for barrels perhaps?


Caught another bus back to Black-Friarhead and transferred to a bus that took us directly back to the Clink Hostel. Bus also went to St. Pancras Stn. #83???


Took train directly to Gatwick Airport to catch the Ryanair flight to Stockholm.

Nice amenities at the airport while waiting for the delayed Ryanair flight.


Flight was delayed and the boys were getting impatient for a gate number to be posted. I saw a group of Swedes leading a mad dash towards the gates and told the boys our gate number had been posted. They asked how I knew, and I said there are a bunch of Swedes running towards the gate, and I said if you’ve been around Swedes you recognize them. We laughed.


At the gate it got funnier, the first people at the gate sat down, then a couple with a stroller came and stood near the gate door to the plane. Next thing, people started lining up behind them. The line got very long as I and the boys sat. Do Swedes like line ups? The atmosphere was frenetic. A strange feeling after having been relaxed by the London Eye trip.


The gate door to the plane opened and a mad dash of shoving and baggage banging to get through a narrow door ensued, followed by a rush down a staircase to the outdoors. Then people..passengers…actually ran to the plane to climb either the front or back stairs to the plane. I followed. After getting on the plane and being greeted by bright yellow seat backs, I found very small, tight and uncomfortable seats. I started to laugh at the humor of the situation of boarding the plane. I was not alone in finding the mad dash match quite amusing as other passengers were laughing and making comments about the mad dash.

We are in London, First Gatwick

21 oct 2010


The flight on Air Transat was tight. The food was ok, the little bag of a blanket,eye cover(blindfold), ear plugs and socks was a very nice comfort for $7.


At Gatwick airport for the leaving of London.


Yesterday morning we arrived in London. Customs were thorough and we passed through. picked up our luggage and caught a shuttle for £6 for all three of us to the Holiday Inn Gatwick. (with wifi for £ 10).A relatively short trip.


I walked to TESCO supermarket, 5 min. Walk and picked up a TESCO sim card for £10, they had a deal where they increased the £10 to £30 of talk time (a good deal I thought).


We had to change the room due to broken toilet handle, but the hotel had two single beds with a pull-out couch. We had a short nap, took the shuttle with a Very helpful driver. To the airport and caught a train from Gatwick to St. Pancras Stn., London for £12.50 return checked out Clink Hostels, as my sister was staying at one. Tried a fish and chips place …location… Had a very large portion of fish and chips with chips and a salad at £5.50 which for the amount of food I thought reasonable. The boys could note finish their portions.

Out of Toronto Towards Europe (London)

20 Oct. 2010


Today we checked out of the Carlingview Motor Inn, Toronto. Their high-speed Internet access is something to be desired. I spent 4 hours trying to connect with constant drop outs. Finally I managed to print out our boarding passes.


The Motor Inn has access to a neighbouring pool, hot tub and gym, that the boys loved. the room was a had 2. Twin beds, a desk, tv, and was comfortable.


They let us leave our luggage in a back office after the noon checkout, while we took the bus downtown. After coming backer to the Inn we took a shuttle , 15 after the hour and 15before the hour, which dropped us off at our airport terminal.


The restaurant attached to the Inn is Greek and has wonderful food. you can enter from the Hotel/Inn. The overall atmosphere of the Inn is a busy business and tourist travel place. I would recommend the Carlingview Motor Inn as a place to visit and use as a base. They have ample parking and have a wonderful benefit of allowing you to park your car for short term parking if you are flying elsewhere.

The Start – Calgary to Toronto

19 Oct. 2010

Woke up 4am this morning. Left for the airport at 5:30am and checked Poika and ourselves in for a flight to Toronto. Presently on the airplane flying to Toronto and should arrive at 1:00pm local time. The boys are playing with their iPod touches while I type on my new iPad. This thing types really well with the keyboard.