Trip to Toronto on Westjet – Snow, Snow, Snow and a Seized Engine – Missed Flights!!! Christmas Eve

07 Dec


Trying to figure out how to delete pictures on the iPad. Haven’t found out how yet.

Last minute decision to fly to Toronto. Flight this morning was cancelled due to snow in London, ON. Plane was unable to fly. Luckily I got an early afternoon flight, be there at 19:10 tonight. Lars and Silja are picking me up. Using a Buddy pass on Westjet, standby- just pay taxes. Return flight was $212. plane us full, sun is shining, and it is quiet. Music playing while I am typing. I find it unite relaxing, though it is cramped at my elbows. I am without the boys, time to try and think about myself and the future. A baby starts crying and the dream comes back to current reality of the surroundings and the daily life and lives of the over 100 passengers on this plane. Washrooms lined up and the poor fellow next to me whose knees bang into the seat in front of him – which is occupied by a young man who has difficulty sitting in the seat, due in part to his size. Whenever this guy leans back the seat reclines without him hitting the button. Odd how when one starts to write the words all of a sudden just start to flow out of you. Sort of like a river flowing or a banana peel being opened and the banana falls out onto the floor. A small note regarding the use of an iPad- try not to have a bandaid on your finger as it interferes with the touch function just a wee bit.


The flight back was in a snowstorm and I had to buy a ticket to get on the plane.

My parents car leaked oil as we were driving down the highway and seized the engine 80 km past Sudbury. I had to rent a car in Sudbury to get to Toronto. Turns out my Dad had an oil change and the drain plug was incorrectly installed during servicing.

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