Quick Trip to Bangkok

February 28 – March 07


Trip from Calgary was a small adventure. Flight out of Calgary was over 2 hours late heading to Vancouver. Flight from Vancouver to Tokyo, Narita, was first 1.5 hours late.


We boarded the plane, doors closed. Plane Started to be pushed out from Gate. It stopped. And we waited 30-45 minutes. Pilot speaks over the intercom and tells us ” The push bar broke and they checking the front Landing gear for damage. 30 minutes later they decide to pull us back to the gate and have us board another plane.


Flight leaves over 3 hours late. I have missed my connecting flight from Tokyo to Bangkok.


Jump Ahead to March 06, 2011


Success, success, success!!! I am now the Canadian representative/ distributor.


Played a really bad game of Golf at the Oakwood? 40 minutes out of Bangkok. What a beautiful golf course, with lots of water. I lost every ball into the water hazards. The Caddy was kind enough to take me pass the water hazards so I could play.

Oh ya, I played with a German pro golfer who usually plays the Far East circuit.



Rembrandt, Windsor Suite Hotel, Plaza Hotel, etc,etc,etc.


At the pool on the rooftop again. More humid now than before. Thinking of ordering a beer from the restaurant downstairs, but I saw the mark up and went whooey.

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