Me my brother and Dad went to a restaurant that has so many damn smokers it is just crazy how much these people smoke jee.  This is hallourios that in our hotel the man set s rat traps that is as big as my DS.


Yesterday we went to Berlin. At Berlin I did summersaults.We all visited a Parliament.Then we went to town.In the town we had ice cream.After the town we looked around for a restaurant.After the restaurant we went to the hostel and played pool.Then went to bed.


Today in Denmark it’s raining.I think the rain is fun until you get cold.Than we got umbrellas.


Yesterday we went to Lego land it is  awesome.We saw lego animals.We went to rides like a tube ride,partite ships, roller coasters and a real robot arm you could ride that spins and turns and exet. Me and my bro bought Lego stuff like key chains, stuffies, sets, postcards. Lego Land Denmark is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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