Woke up ate half a Danish and muffin. Brushed my teeth, had a shower, and got dressed. We went to check out and we put our bags in storage for a little while. We caught a taxi to downtown got off the taxi and went to the subway. To further downtown. We made it to BLOOR station and got off the subway. We went to the apple store and after that we ate at McDonalds. Then we went out of the food court and mailed my dogs flea thing and a laptop to my dads parents. Then we dropped it off at the Post office. We walked back to the apple store and we got something. Then we took the subway back to the hotel with a taxi. We picked up our bags and left to the airport. We went to the airport got everything through the scanners. We sat in some chairs for a while till we went to the lounge which was nice. After the lounge we went on the airplane has a dinner watched a movie and had a nap. So we had breakfast and now I’m waiting to depart in London.


I arrived at the airport. We went through all those sensor things with my dad, brother, and me. I said ” Bye ” to my mom and waited in the place you wait before you board the airplane. I went on the airplane in a couple minutes and put some of my, my brothers, and dad’s carry on luggage up top in that little thing on the top of our seats. We all sat down and I played my IPod Touch with my brother while my dad played on his IPAD. Our t.v’s turned on and we watched them. I bet my dog Poika was very scared in the belly of he plane. We were flying over Toronto and we had a big landing which probably scared Poika. We got our carry on luggage and met our Grandma, Cousin Goudjin, and Grandpa Lars waiting at the doors. My cousin went back to the airport because he was going to London. My dog Poika jumped up on my Grandpa, he was so excited he dribbled a little pee. We went to the red van where Mojo my grandparents dog was waiting there. Mojo barked at me and Liam while we went in the van. Me, my brother, and my dad put our stuff in the trunk and took off. We got to downtown Toronto and my dad and Grandpa pointed out all these things. But before that we went to the hotel I’m staying at right now and dropped our stuff off. We went to go get chicken sandwiches at a market and those sandwiches were delicious ¬†and big. Then we went back to the hotel after saying goodbye to my Grandpa, Grandma, Poika, and MOJO. We went swimming at a pool at the hotel it was very fun. Then we ate at a Greek ¬†restaurant where we had octapus, olives, pitas, rice, calamari, refreshments, that’s all that I can remember right now then we went back to our room and I started to finish my little journal thing I have to write every end of the day. That’s it for today!

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