Amsterdam and a Late Night Dash to Brussels in the Rain

12 Nov.


For breakfast we visited one of the oldest bakeries in Amsterdam, they still grind their flour- viewing it through a window. We picked up some buns, and apple???? Baked apple inside dough – num, nums – Then off to a café around the corner to have a morning coffee and our recently purchased nibbles.


We headed to the subway and noticed a chocolaterie on a side street. We went in to get letters for Liam and Brendan. The boys both wanted white chocolate, plain with no decorations or nuts. The fancy ones did not appeal to them. They had none made but agreed to make them for us later in the day.


We subwayed our way to Waterlooplein, which was closed due to the wind storm that shook the roof of the apartment the night before and during the early morning hours. I could feel the roof and house move during some of the gusts. Walked by the Rembrandt museum – boys did not want to go in. Walked by the crooked café- which is very, very crooked and served as an entry point into Amsterdam in the past. Boys were tired. We took a few back streets and ended up in a café opposite the Central Station. We had some tea and I went to pick up the custom white chocolate letters from the chocolaterie we had visited in the morning.


I split up from the boys leaving them in the care of my sister and we agreed to meet at the Brouwerie ???? A well known old brewery in an old windmill. I took the tram and arrived early, chocolate letters in tow.


After the boys arrived we head to the End of The World restaurant. This restaurant is on a boat in the harbour. You have to show at 18:00 or shortly thereafter. Otherwise they will not have food for you, they make only so many meals. The place is run by volunteers and when you enter you have your name written down and pay for your meal, then grab a seat and wait for the server to call your name. The boys and I had the chicken satay stir fry with noodles, my sister had the stir fry vegetarian meal. They were both tasty and for €7-8 a very good deal. The boat was filled to capacity with regular clients. The boat is only open 3-4 days a week.


Around 20:00 we were off in a car rental to Brussels.


The rain was torrential and driving difficult, however after a few hours we arrived in Brussels and checked into the Hôtel Paris, near the Gare midi train station.