Rome – Liam’s New Violin, Trevi Fountain, and Great Mexican Food

06 Nov.


Explored the Trevi fountain and were kicked off a part of it while looking at the map.


Found a bookstore that had instruments in the window, went inside. I nearly bought a Mandolin for €45, then it happened.


We found a violin for €49. It is not a fancy or old one, but it is a violin. Liam is very happy. It came with a hard case and rosin. We rushed back to the apartment, Roman time- think 2 hours-, tried to put rosin on the bow, didn’t succeed very well and googles how to rosin a new bow. Then the music started after many minutes of rosining the bow.


We went to a fabulous Mexican Italian restaurant next to our apartment called Griglieria La Vaca, Via Urbana 29-30, Roma. Liam and Brendan had excellent burritos, and I had an Angus steak served with black beans and rice. Very, very good food. Clean, simple and very flavourful. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Rome. for dessert Liam tried the brownie with ice cream, Brendan had a banana split with grilled bananas, and I tried the tequila sautéed fruit – which had banana, melons, kiwi, strawberries, orange and apple. The desserts were excellent.