Sore Feet and a Home Made Dinner in Rome

05 Nov.


Brendan’s feet were sore after we took the subway/ metro to Vatican City, Galoppatolo ( a big park), and Villa Medici.


When I bought the tickets for the Metro I was warned about pickpockets on the trains. We waited for a train-it was packed- no room for us, waited for a second train and it was jam packed as well, so we walked to the main station -Termini- and caught a less busy train to go visit the Pope.


We did drink out of a fountain at the Vatican and the boys hung upside down on a fence in front of the Basilica S Pietro. We did wave to the Pope, but we did not see a response.


You seem to walk for miles underground when taking the Roma Metro.

I found a grocery store and bought groceries for a home made pasta and chicken dinner.