Rome Here We Come In 30 Minutes

04 Nov.


This morning we we had a nice breakfast at Hotel Genesio. Arrived at the train station early to be greeted with a delayed train. We sat, the boys fought- they do that when they get bored- and we people watched.


On the train 9705, car 3, seats 41, 42, 44.


Passing through the Tuscan countryside on a beautifully sunny day.


Be in Roma in 30 minutes.



Back Again.

Arrived And went to the rental place. Picked up the keys and went for a Rome 10 minute walk. 1/2 hour later we were at our place/ apt. Got in the front door and try and try and try to open up the door I failed. The boys tried and failed. A cell phone call later and Roman 10 minutes later someone showed up with an alternative key. (think  30-45 min later). They unlocked the door 4 times to the left then 4  times to the righT and 4 times to the left and 4 times to the right and 4 times to the left  and 4 times to the right and 4 times to the left and 4 times to the right with an extra twist and the door opened! Boy oh boy do Rome doors have extra security…


We entered a very nice quaint apartment with a small living room/dining room holding a couch and dining table. The rest of the place had a small kitchen with gas cooktop, bedroom, and bathroom with washer.


In the afternoon we went to the Coliseum, the boys really wanted to see it. Just as amazing as the last time I saw it. We explored the place for a couple of hours, then headed back to the apartment. We bought some groceries from the corner store and had dinner at home.


Autumn day at the Coliseum

Went for an evening stroll in the neighbourhood.