Vienna and the Overnight Train Ride with Triple Bunk to Venice

01 Nov.


Had the room till 14:00. In the morning we visited the Schönbrunn Palace. We also visited the Royal Zoo. Probably the most impressive zoo I have ever been to. The boys got scared when we went into the bat cave. The bats flew around your head in the dark room and touched my hair several times. The spaces for the animals were very roomy and very well designed habitats. Gave the animals many things to do and hide. Not just open spaces like some other zoos. In some parts you had to trek as if you were on safari. Up dirt paths to enter the Amazon area, down hills- very impressive. The Palace/ castle grounds are extensive/ massive and looks to be larger than Versaille. The boys and I went through a maze. High hedges blocking your view, it was fun.


Checked out at 14:00 and went to look at a flea market. however, most places were closed because it was a public holiday.


Went to the train station early, place the bags in a locker and went for dinner at a cafe near the train station.


Dinner was really, really salty, boys could not eat it, I definitely would not recommend Cafe… They serve you some bread at the beginning and charge you for what you eat. The menu is very extensive 20 pages, and you do not have time to read the whole thing. I am sure somewhere in the menu they tell you about the charge for buns.


Since we had  first class tickets and a sleeping cabin we could visit the First Class lounge at the train station- I only learned about this the previous night when I read about the Eurail pass in the Eurail handout.


We had our first and only overnight train trip. The boys were enthralled by the triple layer bunk bed in the cabin. I had an ok sleep the boys were out like a light.