Quick on to Vienna

31 Oct.


Caught the 08:39 train to Wien (Vienna) this morning and will arrive shortly- trip and scenery have been wonderful. Lots of construction entering Vienna. Must log off and pack up.


Whew I was lucky, the train arrived 22 minutes early, we left the train to go into Wien Meidling Station. €0.50 euros to pee at the station. Bought a train/subway ticket, boys are free on Sundays and Mondays. Took train to the nearest station and walked out the door up the street, and to the Hotel. Easiest one yet! Checked in at. 13:45, went to the room and the key did not work. Found out the key would not work until 15:00. Went for lunch suitcases in tow. Cafe Weidinger, Lernchenfelder Gurtel 1, 1160 Wien, 492 09 06. All they had were snacks available at the time. We had Frankfurters with buns and mustard-hotdog anyone- as with the rest of Europe the bread is stupendous!!!


Boys found a pool table-sort of- 3 balls 2 white,1 red, and you use 1 marked white ball to hit both other balls to get a one point. Keeps them busy for a bit.


A variation of German is spoken in Austria- never knew that. By the way, I am flying by the seat of my pants on this trip to find things out and am having a blast!, I don’t mind being lost every so often- the boys get worried- but I always find our way back to the Hotel regardless of their complaints of me being lost. I do have a great sense of direction, however I find the tourist maps given at Hotels very wanting in information, and they have very poor scaling of distances.


Time to pay up and go back to the Hotel.


I really have to post pics.