Prague, Castles, Salvador Dali Exhibit, and Liam’s Dance with a Violin

30 Oct.


Had breakfast in the basement. Spiral stone staircase going down with hand carved stone for the steps, and above our heads they had also carved the ceiling above the staircase. The bar/cafeteria in the basement had brick arches with brick arch chambers in the ceiling above. Breakfast was cold cuts, cheeses, bread, yogurt, cocoa puffs ( I refer to them as rabbit poo)’ and other assorted drinks.


We took the #12 tram from the station to a downtown bridge and walked into the old town. Beautiful is the one word which aptly describes this part of Prague. We visited a Salvadore Dali exhibit, a private collection of prints and sculptures, great to look at and the boys enjoyed it.


We visited Wensceles Square (yes, King Wensceles, aka Santa) and had lunch- the priciest lunch yet at 1200 Czech crowns. The food was very good but pricey, being in a tourist area one has to expect it.


Visited Prague Castle. Very impressive on top of the hill, great church and castle town.


Walked down the castle hill back to the tram and went back to the hotel.


Dinner was at the same restaurant as yesterday and just as good. The waiter remembered us and asked if we wanted the same drinks. Dinner was just as good even though we ordered different items.


After dinner Liam wanted a violin and asked to go to the pawn shop. We went, it was closed and they had 5 violins visible in the window. He is sad, and we will look in the next few locations for a violin.