Lost in Prague, GPS isn’t any good if you don’t know how to use it

29 Oct.


Took the train to Prague, got off a stop early to be closer to the A&O hotel/Hostel. Got lost looking for it, as it was up a staircase by the road. Asked for directions several times – someone pulled out their cell phone and googled a map for us – still got lost, enjoyed the scenery. Found the Hotel, more like a Hostel this time. Signed into our private suite, had 6 beds to choose from ( 3 bunks) and a bathroom. Realized I needed to rent towels and sheets. Walked around the area for a bit and went to dinner at a restaurace (restaurant) down the hill from the Hotel. Restaurace Na Kovarne, Partyzanska 5, Praha 25 13 84 30. Had a great meal at a reasonable cost of 512 Czech crowns for all three of us.


After our fill, we wandered up the street to the local exhibition grounds- they were blaring music and looked like they had rides for the boys. Free entry, and we were asked in Czech if we wanted to go on the bumper cars. We walked a bit further when the boys convinced me to go on the cars- they can be persuasive at times. That was the longest time I have ever been on bumper cars- and it was fun.


We discovered a pawn shop closing down,called a Bazar, Liam wanted to go in but we could not. Liam wants a violin now.


Back to the Hotel we bypassed an outdoor car lot filled with luxury autos. They had 2 Ferraris (white and red) for sale. The sign said something about %50 and I jokingly told the boys it was %50 off the Ferraris and I would buy one.