Crazy Pace to Legoland and Copenhagen

26 Oct.


Breakfast at the hotel was delectable with assorted cold cuts, cheese, salmon/gravlax, pickled herring, toast, danish, eggs, meatballs, hash browns, fresh fruit and refreshments.


From Malmö we drove across the toll bridge to (20 min) Denmark and headed to Legoland in the middle of Denmark. Around 3 hours later we were at Legoland, Billund, Denmark.


The boys were very excited and we toured the parks attractions. (Travelling late in the fall, not all of the parks amenities were available.) The lego creations are fabulous, some with a vivid sense of humour – like the oversize man made of Lego snoring on a park bench.


The best ride, in all of our minds, was the final one we took called the Power Ride. You program your ride onto a card and it is inserted into a robotic arm, which has seats that you are strapped into. The robot arm ride is the best ride I have ever taken (over in 45- 60 seconds). It flips you back to the ground and face to the ceiling, throws you backwards and upside down- I had the level 6 card programmed by the staff at lego – they say it is the most difficult and adventurous program possible on this ride.


Off to the shops we went and bought a few Lego souvenirs. The park closed at 17:00 and we left with 2 pizzas to eat in the car on the way to Copenhagen.


We arrived late and stayed at the Best Western Mercur in Copenhagen for 2 nights, with free wifi access and were delighted to hear a concert through the walls on the second night of our stay. (Cost 1700Danish Kroner).

Had a very good chinese buffet for dinner. Down the Street from the Hotel.