Stockholm to Malmö and a Great Late Night Dinner

25 Oct. 10


The next day we left Stockholm and headed to Malmö, via rental car. The drive was smooth with a couple of stops. The later day developed rain and we arrived in Malmö around 20:00. We found Hotel Teatern which had reasonable rates (1000 Kroner) and street parking + wifi for the boys (and me).


We ate dinner at a local restaurant, Mrs. Browns, which had a Swedish flair and served nouvelle cuisine style food. I had the daily special for 225 Kroner, Delicious steak with veggies and 3 small potatoes, a delectable sauce and dandelion greens. We also had the roasted thinly sliced beets with mushrooms, a beet sauce with cream and assorted garnish including delectable mushrooms (yellowish) and very tasty. The boys opted for the King crab leg (appetizer at 90 Kroner) with caviar, greens, diced apples with a sauce. (They thought it was a meal until it arrived – at which point they complained- I gave them some of my meal).