Canada to Dalian, China

OK, flying from Canada should be fun right?
I flew on March 31st. I left -15ยบ C and 8 cm of fresh snow.
Flight from Vancouver boarded on time. Went through a de-icing procedure, started to taxi to the runway and the plane stopped. No movement for 10 minutes, planes were taking off and landing. Seats were in the upright position with trays locked away, no electronic devices were being used. We waited and waited. Finally an announcement that we were headed back to the gate.

The announcement stated that one of the flaps wasn’t responding correctly. Last time I left Vancouver to Thailand I had a delay due to a mechanical issue as well.

Adventures can begin at home. 30 minutes later after they had reset the flap, we took off. Yee-Haw flying again.

I was fortunate enough to have 2 empty seats next to me. Great for a 14 hour spree of uncomfortable lie-down airplane napping. The new Bose in ear noise cancelling headphones worked great! Blocking out a lot of noise. It was an otherwise uneventful trip with Air Canada to Seoul, Korea.